Our Mission

During nearly two decades of covering cannabis, we have encountered thousands of inspiring individuals, groups and companies who had the integrity to stand by their beliefs, usually at great risk, sacrifice and hardship. They are the primary reason we are here at this moment and we consider it a duty to tell their story so that history won’t forget their contributions during the corporataization of cannabis, a period in which many are trying to negate the pioneers and visionaries by branding them criminals and thus undeserving of participation. We are here to tell their truth.

The green renaissance is also vital to us and we will be featuring products and companies whose existence is predicated by the need to be friendlier to our planet and its inhabitants. Clean medicine, innovative techniques and sustainable and renewable farming will take center stage.

Philanthropy has also been a large part of our existence and this will be the foundation for our new venture. We want to showcase the ones who feel the same.

Our Format

The varying pace and scope of legalization efforts have led to the establishment of many diverse and local markets, each with its own challenges and idiosyncrasies. We will be launching two new free consumer magazines at the outset, The Highway California and The Highway Canada, each espousing the values outlined above and complementing SKUNK 2.0, which will continue to serve our national market.

Both new titles will be published six times per year and will be freely available in all relevant dispensaries, smoke shops, vapor lounges and other cannabis related ventures, with an initial distribution of 20,000 copies in each market. The new titles are aimed directly at consumers, many of them new to cannabis, and we want to steer them in the right direction and towards the people and companies who share the same ethos. SKUNK 2.0 will also be published six times per year and re-focus as a grower’s magazine with an emphasis on innovative techniques and organics.

As usual, strains will take center stage and we will be reviewing offerings whether they be from large producers, craft growers, dispensaries and home growers.

Our Partners

While the new titles are ad-driven magazines, any similarity with other such titles ends there. Our advertisers are also our partners and not chosen lightly. The companies you will see in our pages have all been vetted and adhere to a set of principles we consider sacred. Principles like philanthropy, innovation, sustainability and scientific rigor. We want our readers to be confident and informed in their choices and we will attempt to create and foster a one-stop atmosphere in The Highway and SKUNK 2.0.

We are also media partners of the Emerald Cup in Northern California, the Chalice Cup in Los Angeles and the Karma Cup in Canada; all elite events in their class and our magazines will be freely distributed to the thousands of attendees. There are no better places to connect with informed consumers.

In short, when you invest in us, you are not simply plunking down money for space; you are accessing a vast network of consumers, producers and distributors. We want to bring the right people together in order to create a better place, and demonstrate that profits don’t have to come at the expense of people and that you can be successful without compromising ethics.