AS THE BOOM in the Toronto cannabis industry began with the Prime Minister’s promise of legalization, and new cannabis products began to flood the marketplace, despite there being a large market for edibles, few companies seemed to be focusing on tinctures. 

Unlike sugary treats which impair the immune system, cannabis tinctures are easier to dose and have far more medicinal properties. The downfall is that they aren’t as popular, and they don’t taste very appealing. Even with the newer tinctures that were coming out, unlike all the impressive new edibles and extracts hitting the market, few companies were presenting tinctures in a new and innovative way. 

Introducing… Dragon Elixir.

Dragon Elixir launched in late-2015 and specializes in creating small-batch, hand-crafted, cannabis elixirs and topicals infused with highly medicinal botanicals to target specific health issues naturally. 

As some may already know, a cannabis tincture is often referred to as “Green Dragon”. But unlike a regular cannabis tincture which tends to be harsh and unpleasant to ingest, these elixirs are concentrated, sweetened naturally, and are combined with specifically chosen medicinal herbs to maximize their health benefits, and help with a range of common health issues. They can be ingested directly which have the added benefit of fast sublingual absorption, or mixed with a drink as an herbal bitter



With a background in marketing, medicinal cannabis, and holistic nutrition, Dragon Elixir aims to create a modern resurgence of medicinal cannabis elixirs once sold in pharmacies across North America before prohibition took effect. They want to reintroduce and re-associate cannabis as but one of the many medicinal herbs we can all benefit from, as with many other herbs we accept and use regularly. Placing high value in traditional medicinal practices, all their products use whole-plant cannabis extractions, which have the added benefit of containing multiple healing cannabinoids, not just THC and CBD.

Dragon Elixir’s Elderberry formula is actually based on a time-tested recipe similar to cough syrups that were once sold hundreds of years ago. Using their knowledge and experience in holistic nutrition, Dragon Elixir wants to help people replace many of their current synthetic drugs and medications with elixirs as a natural alternative.

One of the exclusive ingredients used in their formulas are concentrated gemmotherapies, powerful extracts from embryonic plant tissue known to help with a variety of health conditions. These extracts are known to but a few health practitioners and are on the cutting edge of homeopathy and nutrition. For example, Dragon Elixir’s Breathe formula designed for people with breathing issues, uses a gemmotherapy made from Hazel tree buds that studies have shown can actually restore damaged lung tissue! Products like these simply do not exist in the marketplace.



Another product in the Dragon Elixir catalogue is Femme, one of the only female-specific cannabis supplements in the advancing cannabis marketplace. Formulated to help women’s sexual health, this elixir not only uses cannabis to relieve pain and inflammation, but uses specific herbs famous for aiding menopausal, menstrual, and hormonal symptoms, while helping replenish iron levels by using black strap molasses as a natural sweetener.

Aside from their elixirs, one of their increasingly popular products is their all-natural cannabis Dragon Rub. Initially made as a favour for a friend, this natural salve had so much positive feedback, it wasn’t long before it became a permanent fixture in their product line. 

Using cannabis extracted with organic coconut oil, and infused with healing rosemary and wintergreen essential oils, this simple balm works like a miracle cream, effective for arthritis, inflammation, migraines, shaving, burns, wrinkles, varicose veins, aromatherapy, psoriasis and so much more. 

In the space of two years, Dragon Elixir has used the power of cannabis and other highly medicinal herbs to help thousands of Canadians suffering from health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, Endometriosis, Arthritis, Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disorder, Cancer Treatment, Arthritis, Insomnia, Anxiety, and more.

It’s no wonder why they call their products, “High Healing”.


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