A MEDICATED BATH in itself is an act of true self care and love.  It is unlike a typical topical in that it does more than simply affect the localized areas, it relaxes the entire being to a whole different level without actually altering your mind.  So much more than a topical and so different than an edible, medicated baths deserve a category of their own. The harmonization of six magical forces are to thank for  creating such magic.

Hydrotherapy- the heat and pressure from the water holding and cradling your body. A hot bath can make your body release melatonin which is essential for a good night sleep.   Mineral Salts-  epsom salts, Himalayan salts, and sea salts  all  contain magnitudes of trace minerals that help replenish deficiencies, detoxify, lift depression, and alleviate deep body fatigue. Mineral Salts draw lactic acid  from your muscles to  alleviate soreness. Most people today are deficient in magnesium and other minerals found in leafy greens and a whole food diet that contains the colors of the  rainbow naturally



Healing body oils like Argan, Apricot, Avocado, and Jojoba all have health benefits on their own.  These carrier oils have nourishing properties for scarring, dermatological conditions, and actually carry the Cannabinoids to receptors on and in your body.  Apricot kernel oil contains vitamin B17 which has been known to kill cancer as well.

Aromatherapy brings physical changes to your mind,  body, and soul through therapeutic grade essential oils.  Each essence  from the plant world has specific offerings for your well being.  In a bath you are both inhaling and absorbing the benefits topically.

Cannabis topically has been known to kill cancer, skin cancer, is an analgesic, anti-spasmodic,  anti-microbial, antifungal, antibacterial, and has even killed MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) in lab studies.  It is miraculous for eczema and psoriasis and also kills fungus and athlete’s foot.  Cannabis is amazing for helping with depression, pain, and anxiety as well. The CB1 & CB2 receptors located all over the skin’s epidermis (where all of your nerve endings are hence where one experiences pain) are just waiting to receive Cannabis medicine making topicals an extremely efficient way to find relief.  The colon is like a sponge waiting to absorb.  Historically medicines taken as a suppository have a very fast and strong effect as they go directly into the bloodstream. PLEASE TAKE CAUTION that far less milligrams of THC and CBD are needed when they enter your body through your colon.  Any medicine in excess is a poison.

The sixth contributing element to tie the whole experience together is time.  Taking the time to canna-pamper yourself is an act of true love and self care in itself.  A moment without your phone, a moment to be still, a moment to quiet the mind and voice.  A moment of self care



The same reasons that make Cannabis Baths so effective are the same reasons that patients should choose wisely.  Making bath products for patients is actually a huge responsibility and not all Cannabis Bath products were created equal.   There are many bath products that contain harmful chemicals like SLS and SLSA that have been known to disrupt hormonal systems and reproductive systems in both men and women.  These chemicals make their way into your most vulnerable and intimate parts which is why they should strictly be avoided.  Synthetic fragrances and colors that cause imbalance to your bodies PH and natural balance actually cause harm instead of being medicinal.  Pharmacological grade salts are made in a controlled environment.  They are heavily tested and regulated to make sure they are free from contaminants.  Natural  salts are amazing as well, just be sure to check that sources are regulated and of the highest quality and not from areas of heavy pollution.  Also make sure to support companies that harvest salts and natural resources in ecologically sound ways.  Although we would love to assume all medicine makers and cultivars are using organic practices the truth is they are not.  If you do not know your source directly it is a very wise choice to have your medicine lab tested for microbiological impurities, solvent residuals and harmful pesticides.  Organic material is a must! If you would like to use an extract either a cold water hash, dry sift, rosin, or kief would be best.  If you are going to use an extract that was made with a solvent please get a lab test to be sure your material has been properly purged and is solvent free.  Also, remember to activate your material for the best results as your bath water won’t be hot enough to activate the cannabinoids



Although a medicated bath is not “psychoactive” like smoking or consuming an edible it is powerful enough to say, “please do not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle after a medicated bath.”  The strong body effect of a cannabis soak has led me straight to my bed more times than not.  I have never felt like going out after a cannabis bath and would not recommend it as you will be deeply relaxed and tired at a cellular level.  Always use extreme caution when entering and exiting a medicated bath.  Many patients using medicated bath products are looking for relief from pain and perhaps injuries and other ailments that can make getting in and out of the tub more difficult.  Many consumers have compromised immune systems a or are fighting for their life and harmful chemicals will not be on their side. When making medicine it is very important to consider your patients.