SALUTATIONS TO ALL OF YOU along The Highway today; I’m The Rev, and in the following article I want to simply explore some cool and cannabis related things. Now I’m not a mouthpiece for free stuff, or anything like that. These are solid products that I use and have used for at least several years, just from me to you man, trying my best to keep it real; some of the things will be a bit spendy, but empirically tested by yours truly. Most of the cool stuff is relatively inexpensive, even free sometimes. I do these ‘Cool Things’ articles from time to time, here along The Highway. You savvy?


Solo Sprayer is a True Mister

One-liter Solo pump mister

This baybee is my favorite for five or six years now, I have 1-liter and 2-liter versions. Unlike cheaper hand sprayers this one is a true mister (only) and that spray head (see photo) can swivel up to almost vertical and to straight down as well. I have used these in the past to fight spider mites with and they work excellent. Also, great for foliar applications, if you need them. I use them always like right after I top dress with something so I can moisten it up good for rapid decomp. I always “rain” on my plants too, at every transplant at least, and this is just spraying them down with good water to rinse them off, like in nature rain would do. Really a solid product in my experience. See the link below to Amazon to see more details about the one in the photo.



Pollination Bladder Sprayer

Bladder-style pollen sprayer

Sorry no link to this one, and to be honest I have had this one for so long now I have forgotten where I got it, but for sure it was online. A little searching by you more internet savvy peeps—unlike my old ass self LoL—should be able to round this one up in no time. Simply thee best pollination tool ever, especially if you use tents to breed in. I will often save pollen for years to use at a later date, and with a tent full of females I can get some good fan circulation going while pumping the bladder a few times aimed inside the tent, then close up the tent for about 10 minutes. This squeezable rubber bladder only needs a little pollen put inside and it disperses that pollen highly when it is sprayed out. Put something like flour in it to test it out and get the hang of it with, and you’ll see what I mean.


TDS Meter

Your basic thirty-dollar TDS meter

I absolutely consider these a must-have in any serious garden, large or small, organic or synthetic, the TDS meter will tell you the PPM (parts per million) value of the dissolved salts/solids in your water, or nutrient solution, or teas. You don’t need more than like 30 dollars (USD) for a TDS meter that works fine. It is of utmost importance to know the PPM of things like teas in organic gardens, or water for that matter. Seriously indispensable tool and you can find them with the greatest of ease at your local hydro-shop, or good nursery, and easily online. I have several of these and they last for at least a few years. For all natural and organic style growing this can really bring your game up big.


Compost Tumbler

One of my compost tumblers

If you compost, or are thinking about composting, and want to do it with far less hassle, then the compost tumbler is for you. The one in the photo is the style I like most at present, but as I get older I am thinking about getting one higher up off the ground, or maybe just elevating mine. You can recycle your soil and roots using these, and you can really make some serious kick-ass compost fast if you put one like mine in the sunshine for at least half-day. Using all your kitchen waste, and even lawn clippings if you want, along with all your extraneous cannabis plant matter. If you are only composting or are thinking about maybe starting to compost, then get a smaller capacity tumbler than the one in the photo. I use a 7-cubic foot version and I run it at about 4 cubic feet when I consider it “full.” But I use mine to recycle my soil mix with so I need the larger capacity. But seriously, this is a highly efficient and the most hassle-free way to compost I have ever used and my tumblers are all about 6 years old at least.



For Those Who Need Good Tracking of Plants

Best plant tags ever

Yep, that’s right, your good old popsicle-sticks by any other name. If you are organic/all natural this is your tagging choice, my esteemed homeskillets. Slides down right between the soil and the container edge easily, and it is totally recyclable as well. You can find these easily in the craft sections of larger stores and online as well. These are super inexpensive and I pay like 3 dollars for 500 of them. Awesome for breeders, and anyone who just likes to run a lot of different varieties at once and clone them; I have used these for about a decade now and they rock pure and simple.


True Living Organics by The Rev

TLO by The Rev Second Edition

Ya know I had to throw my latest book in here too, right? Heh heh. Anyways, a book all about recycling everything, including your soil, and using just good water basically on your plants and watching them thrive in containers. I have heard back from hundreds of very happy growers that have made the change over to actually doing things guided by Mother Nature’s wisdom. Cheers everyone and thank you so much for the support. Here’s the link below to my latest version of my TLO book on amazon.